With the Electronic Emergency Hammer

Stand out by improving in-vehicle safety !

  • Improve your offer with the AOM (Autorité organisatrice de la mobilité - Organising Authority for Mobilities)
  • Ensure greater safety on board

Transport operators are using BREAKEE as a new safety device on board coaches.

Improved Passenger Safety

The most obvious argument is that the new safety devices help to improve the safety of passengers on board coaches. This can reduce the risk of serious or fatal accidents in the event of an incident.

Compliance with New Regulations and Safety Standards

Operators need to anticipate the changes in UNECE R107 regulations, which will apply from 2024. The use of BREAKEE, a modern safety device, helps ensure compliance with the new regulations.

Reduced Risk of Legal Responsibility

By using state-of-the-art safety devices such as BREAKEE, transport operators can reduce the risk of prosecution in the event of accidents. The courts often regard the implementation of safety measures as a duty-of-care.

Better Reputation

Companies that invest in safety demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their passengers. This can enhance the company's reputation and boost customer confidence.

Long-Term Cost Reduction

Using BREAKEE means lower accident, repair and maintenance costs, as well as lower insurance premiums thanks to a better safety record.

Attract new customers

Passengers are increasingly sensitive to safety when choosing a means of transport. Operators who offer a high level of safety can attract new safety-conscious customers.

Improve operational efficiency

Some safety devices can also contribute to operational efficiency. BREAKEE makes drivers’ job easier and relieves them of control tasks.

Innovation and Competitiveness

Operators who adopt new technologies and devices such as BREAKEE show that they are at the cutting edge of innovation. This can strengthen their competitive position in the market. Organising Authorities for Mobilities (AOM), Regions and Local Authorities, are very sensitive to the need to improve on-board safety conditions.

Support for Drivers

BREAKEE is designed to help drivers in their work, reducing their workload and improving their safety. This can improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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