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Changes to UNECE Regulation No. 107

Regulations relating to new window breaking systems for buses and coaches

The 10 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 107, which was ratified at the end of 2022, considerably strengthens the requirements applicable to mandatory equipment for evacuating public passenger transport vehicles in the event of incidents or accidents.
This new series of amendments applies to all vehicles in international categories M2 or M3 (TCP type in France).
Our BREAKEE system meets these new requirements applicable from:

  • 1 September 2024, for all new vehicle types
  • 1 September 2026, for all new vehicles

These new regulations provide further details on the new window breaker system for emergency exits that fits vehicles:

  • The device must be easy to use and must ensure that each window can be broken and removed in 20 seconds by a single person from inside the passenger compartment.
  • The device must be clearly visible to any passenger in close proximity.
  • The device must be easily accessible at all times. If it is electronic, it must remain functional in the event of failure of the vehicle's electrical supply, and its operational status must be easy to check from the driver's seat. The device must be designed to prevent misuse. At least one of the following mitigating measures, at the choice of the manufacturer, shall be available:
    a) The device is permanently fixed to or next to each emergency window.
    b) The device triggers a warning signal audible or visible from the driver's seat when it is temporarily removed from its designated position.
  • The device must be fitted with a protective cover or designed in such a way as to prevent misuse, and an additional action to unlock it before use must be necessary to perform.

The requirements for the new window-breaking systems apply to single-deck, double-deck, M2 or M3 rigid or articulated vehicles, and more specifically to vehicles with a capacity of more than 22 passengers in addition to the driver - "Class III". Class III vehicles are built exclusively for the transport of seated passengers, more commonly known as "coaches".

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